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Twitter's Tipping Point

I've alluded to this in a previous digest, but we are currently experiencing the tipping point of Twi
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Twitter's Tipping Point
By Rob Bettis • Issue #4 • View online
I’ve alluded to this in a previous digest, but we are currently experiencing the tipping point of Twitter. Yesterday, Twitter turned off access to several essential API’s that third-party Twitter clients, like Tweetbot & Twitterrific, need to provide a reasonable user experience to their users.
I wanted to zoom out and look at this situation through a wider lens.
There is an important moment in the life of any social network that flies under the radar - the moment they shift their attention from their early adopters to the masses.
It’s the social media equivalent to reaching the ‘maturity’ stage of the product life cycle. And it’s the moment that they stop optimizing for a better product and instead optimize for higher engagement from their most mediocre user - the user that sits atop the bell curve.
The early adopters - those that drove the product’s growth (Seth Godin would say they ‘sneezed’ it), shift from a first-rate customer to a second or third-rate customer. Over time, they become increasingly discontent - as the network moves from serving the power users to serving the power users’ mom. And the users who help build the product now flee for “new hotness” - the next iteration, where they will once again feel valued.
We have seen this trend several times in the short life of social media. As a user, it is very frustrating. But as a bystander, it seems like a very solvable problem.
So much of this cycle could be avoided (or prolonged) if networks like Facebook and Twitter created an alternative app/experience for their pro user. Imagine if the pro user - the user who is on the platform multiple times per day, who can manage their own timeline (and don’t need an algorithm’s help), and who had access/voice into the future of the platform - was continually served and didn’t flee.
They would be telling their circle of influence about the next great Twitter feature, instead of the next great Twitter.
That was the role Twitter’s third party clients filled…until yesterday. Today, we are left with an appropriate remnant - a trending hashtag, #BreakingMyTwitter.

Twitter company email addresses why it’s #BreakingMyTwitter – TechCrunch
Daniel Jalkut
If Twitter had any appreciation for their history, there would be a shrine to 3rd-parties in Twitter HQ, and a covenant to ensure API parity.
2:36 PM - 16 Aug 2018
The Resurgence of SEO
While social media companies continue to kill the goose (publishers) that is laying the golden eggs (content), in the name of monetizing their platform, we have seen a renewed focus on search. This makes me happy, for reasons I have outlined here.
Google Gets Dirty In The Privacy Debate
Google has remained notably below the radar in recent months, as the privacy-violator door has been blown off every major social network and data provider.  There is little doubt that Google has been collecting the same types of data as many of the higher-profile violators. However, they haven’t sold any of that data to hostile, foreign governments. They have obviously been exercising greater internal restraint, which has helped them stay out of the spotlight. But, at the end of the day, their business model is still the same.
AP Exclusive: Google tracks your movements, like it or not
America's Feelings Towards Tech Companies
In a recent Pew Research poll, only 24% of respondents thought tech companies “do enough to protect the personal data of their users.” For the last decade, the general public could easily be characterized as apathetic on this issue. So to see a staunch majority of citizens now question the security of their personal data, it is no wonder all of the major social media players are seeing slowing and stagnant growth in recent months.
How Americans View Tech Companies | Pew Research Center
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