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The Next Big Shift In Social

In its infancy, social media was thought by many to be a one-to-many platform. Some likened it to a
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The Next Big Shift In Social
By Rob Bettis • Issue #13 • View online
In its infancy, social media was thought by many to be a one-to-many platform. Some likened it to a digital press release. But, as it matured, the focus began to move towards conversation. The mindset of marketers was akin to a toast from the end of a long dinner table. It was more intimate, but still a one-way conversation.
Data is increasingly challenging that model. This week we’ll peek behind the curtain at a few moves Facebook is taking to further capitalize on the future of social (and calm investors about the present).

Zuckerberg says the future is sharing via 100B messages & 1B Stories/day
Apple critics have largely criticized the tech giant for its many failed attempts at social media network success. But, largely under the radar, they are now sitting as the biggest competitor to the biggest player in social media.
To better financially position themselves for the future, Facebook is aggressively exploring ways to monetize messaging.
Instagram’s next cash cow: instant Promote ads for Stories
As For The Now
Much attention was paid to the future of social this week because the present continues to struggle.
Facebook’s growth continues to slow down
The most important note on this topic is the quality of new users.
Facebook’s largest sources of growth are in developing markets like Asia, where users only generate about $2.67 each in revenue. Compare that to the $27.61 Facebook clocks in for every user in Canada and the U.S…and it’s easy to see why there are concerns about future profits.
In summary, the future of social is not one-to-many. It is one-to-one (many times). Social still provides, although less dramatically, a vehicle to scale communications. However, as users expect increased levels personalization, that scalability is being throttled.
The Future of Social Media, Take 2
While we are discussing the future of tech giants, The Times posted an interesting story this week:
Kevin Roose
The biggest red flag coming out of Silicon Valley is that none of the people in charge of making tech products want their kids using them.
11:20 AM - 26 Oct 2018
Silicon Valley Nannies Are Phone Police for Kids
Just in case you aren’t a Google+ fan (RIP), 👆🏼this headline is a nod to Google+’s take on hashtags.
Google employees begin walkout over handling of sexual misconduct by executives
The aforementioned Twitter account (lest we overlook the irony of Google employees taking to Twitter to organize) has posted a list of demands:
Google Walkout For Real Change
We, Google employees and contractors, will walkout on November 1 at 11:10am to demand these five real changes. #googlewalkout
9:19 PM - 31 Oct 2018
A Sign of The Times 😂🤣
Luka Sabbat Sued for Failure to Influence
Because Twitter Hates Its Users
Twitter to remove 'like' tool in a bid to improve the quality of debate
Has Amazon Retail Peaked?
Amazon Squeezes Out More Profit as Sales Growth Slows
Retailers who rely on Amazon for sales better be ready. The squeeze is coming!
Weekend Longread
An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption
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