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The Constant of Change, Part 2

The constant of change strikes again. I am thrilled to be restarting this newsletter. I have sorely m
The Marketing Brief
The Constant of Change, Part 2
By Rob Bettis • Issue #16 • View online
The constant of change strikes again. I am thrilled to be restarting this newsletter.
I have sorely missed sharing tidbits and discussions with my you, my peers, as our industry evolves. So much is changing in marketing - especially digital - and I want to empower you by curating and distilling that information to an actionable level.
The newsletter will no longer be weekly, rather it will be on an as-needed schedule. As relevant news surfaces, I will collect it and put it into context. And it will be shared timely, in newsletter-sized bites.
In our return issue, I want to reach into the backlog a bit and share some highlights from the last few months. Thanks for allowing me into your inbox. And thank you for sharing this publication with your colleagues.

Podcast Advertising: $51,975 Spent. Here's What We Learned
Smartphones Are Doing to Websites What Amazon Did to the Mall
Marketing & Self-Governance
As marketers, we have an increasingly essential responsibility to ethics. Much like attorneys and accountants are held to a strict code of professional ethics, we too should hold ourselves to a high moral standard - to empower and improve the lives of our customers, not to grind their minds to dust in the name of one more click.
Tristan Harris is a former Design Ethicist at Google, where he studied the ethics of human persuasion. He recently spoke to Senators about big tech companies and how their core business model influences its users.
I don’t say this lightly - this is a much watch video for anyone who spends time on the internet.
Tristan Harris - US Senate June 25, 2019
Tristan Harris - US Senate June 25, 2019
The Biggest Threat To Amazon Prime?
Back in June, Shopify - a CMS that serves as the online backbone for thousands of independent retailers - announced a move in the logistics space.
Introducing Shopify Fulfillment Network
And they haven’t stopped there…
Shopify buys warehouse automation tech developer 6 River Systems for $450 million – TechCrunch
…we see you Shopify! 👀
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