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The Constant of Change

After a short holiday hiatus, I'm excited to be sending you this message. Happy New Year! As a fitt
The Marketing Brief
The Constant of Change
By Rob Bettis • Issue #15 • View online
After a short holiday hiatus, I’m excited to be sending you this message.
Happy New Year!
As a fitting message for a day dedicated to new beginnings, let’s talk about change.
I have a love-hate relationship with change. I hate change when it means the unexpected - a deviation of plans, ambiguity about the future, or when something is not what it seemed.
But I love change when it means things are improving - finding a better way to accomplish a goal, establishing more efficient processes, or learning better solutions to difficult problems.
The purpose of this non-Friday message is to address the first type of change (the kind I hate), so together we can enjoy to good kind (the kind that makes things better).
As a one-person company, I have a one-person capacity. As such, I have to be extremely diligent about where I spend my time. And I must have a quick trigger finger for changing any projects that don’t yield fruit.
Over the latter part of 2018, I have loved doing this newsletter. It is not always easy to make time for it each Friday afternoon, but I never regret doing so.
I also have loved blogging in 2018. Where this digest is largely passing along third-party news stories and injecting a bit of context, my blog is full of longer, original thoughts.
In 2019, these two efforts are merging.
The news stories I would typically share in this digest will be shared throughout the week on my blog alongside my longer posts.
However, for the subscribers of this digest, not much will change. Each Friday morning, you will still get an emailed digest of any posts from this week. The email will include links and excerpts from every post, so you are only a click away from any interesting story or important trend.
This merger of efforts will allow me to be more efficient and subsequently allow me to share more stories throughout the week. My hope is for this minor change to yield significant benefits. And this change requires no extra steps on your part.
While you wait for Friday’s digest, it is a great time to see if any of my recent blog posts catches your eye.
Wishing you a blessed new year. Thanks for following along!

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